Heartwarming Instagram Photos Commemorate Victims of Connecticut School Shooting

by sydneyrpage

The tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut three days ago moved the entire United States to tears. Twenty six people died during the rampage, 20 of which were children. We have seen a few cases of such horrific incidents in the past, but this is the first time such young children (ages 5-10 years) made up the bulk of the victims.

Social media is a valuable medium in conspicuously relaying messages of love and comfort. When it comes to sharing visually-driven sentiment, Instragram has become one of the most important platforms that allow people to cheer and console each other. This is true during the Connecticut shooting incident, and other tragedies that came before it such as super storm Sandy.  In fact, Instagram is beginning to rival Twitter in terms of popular platforms to share real-time sentiment during major events, including this year’s presidential debates, and even holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Here are some heartwarming and inspiring photos from Instagram that honors the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

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