Infochimps Debuts Enterprise Play with Zero Migration PaaS for Data Analytics

Infochimps is touting a new offering that allows enterprises to move to the cloud without investing too much in data migration. The service is targeting large organizations that face the challenge of moving massive amounts of information to and from their legacy infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud is powered by a network of data center partners and system integrators that host the solution in their facilities, which the company says eliminates the prospect of vendor lock-in.

“We’ve worked with the top big data system integrators to tailor services that guarantee fast value from big data technology using our cloud service,” said Jim Kaskade, the CEO of Infochimps. “The Infochimps Enterprise Cloud offers both freedom of choice, and freedom from the confusion of an overabundance of options. The comprehensiveness of the big data offerings within the Infochimps Enterprise Cloud means that enterprises can choose a particular configuration or be as hands-off as they want. Either way, they’ll get exactly what they need from their data.”

The ecosystem’s value prop is coupled with Infochimps’ own managed services, which offer support for Hadoop, NoSQL and all kinds of other unstructured data sources. The bundle is available as an on-premise private cloud or as a virtual deployment powered by Tier 4 data center providers.

Kaskade has certainly kept his engineers busy since he took over in August this year. The recently appointed CEO is a career executive with a decade of experience working on databases –a perfect fit for Infochimps, by the looks of it.

Maintaining an edge in the marketplace is vital in the big data space, where Infochimps is competing with not only with fellow hyper-growth startups but also big name vendors. Amazon recently added support for several popular versions of Windows Server to nearly two dozen big data apps.