New Dell Executive Marius Haas Reveals His Vision for the Future

Marius Haas at Dell World 2012

Marius Haas at Dell World 2012Last week’s Dell World 2012 represented a significant shift in Dell’s strategy for enterprise and for the way it does business in general. Part of that shift involved the hiring of Marius Haas, the company’s new President of Enterprise Solutions. The Cube co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Haas and discuss his vision for the future.

It was a once-in-a-decade opportunity, Haas said of his chance to work for Dell and help transform the business into a end-to-end service provider. Haas said he was pleasantly surprised with the level of IP the company had acquired in service, caching, storage, and other high-priority areas.

The goal moving forward, Haas explained, is to help customers accelerate their deployment times and achieve the optimal utilization of their workloads. For that customers need to have modular, scalable, and flexible building blocks. They need integrated solutions for on-premise and cloud infrastructure. They also need to be able to protect their data regardless of where it is stored. Above all, customers expect all of this to be delivered to them without higher capital expenditures.

Dell is promising to deliver that type of service to its customers. According to Haas, Dell has grown 6 percent on the server side, while its nearest competitor decreased by 5 percent. He indicated that Dell is only 64,000 units away from being number one worldwide.

Dell wants to bring flexibility back to the customer. Customers want to optimize their workload but still leverage their legacy components without integration difficulties. Over time, they want to be able to scale out without being constrained to a vendor-specific system.

The hosts then asked Haas about flash storage and what Dell’s plans are for this technology in the data center. Haas revealed that Dell’s tiering technology will allow it to put data in the right place for customers and give them the ability to implement Tier 0 caching on the server side that accelerates performance 50 times.

Finally, The Cube hosts asked Haas to look forward to the next year and give some insight into his tactical plans for the future. Haas answered this and more in the full interview, which you can watch right here.