2nd Watch Delivers Cloud-Based Cure for AWS Enterprise Billing “Pain”

2nd Watch

If you’ve ever looked at your Amazon Web Services portal, hopped over to the billing information and wondered exactly what everything was doing, hoping for a better way to understand, create reports and audit the information being presented, well then you’re going to want to keep reading.  Out in Seattle, a company named 2nd Watch has emerged with a new product that puts more cloud billing functionality to AWS.  This same company was recently announced as an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner.  The product, 2W Insight answers the call for accurate, hourly information reporting that was once difficult for some to understand and audit.  The product consists of a series of reporting interfaces made available in a dashboard.  The regularly updating information in the dashboard and real-time billing insight make for a compelling business information advantage in the enterprise.

 The 2W Insight Dashboard features a number of visual, and intuitive presentations of billing and utilization information.  This is by no means a complete list but here are some features you will find within:

  • Corporate/Department/Account views
  • PDF billing
  • Corporate/Account RI purchases
  • Aggregate RI purchases by account
  • Assets Allocation/Assets exposure
  • Monthly views/Region views/ Services
  • Storage/Compute/Network breakdowns

I could go on.  With this information in hand, it is a quick and simplified procedure to apply charges to correct departments and business units – or to bill customers – all on actual usage statistics.  Stacked with such features as hourly information, concise summaries, detailed breakdowns of all AWS services in real-time charges, and the ability to create and print invoices combine to form a suite of information that enables the enterprise in ways that weren’t possible previously.

“2W Insight allows us to closely monitor real-time usage and associated costs with our AWS cloud-based infrastructure, which we use to control and manage deployments of our intelligent energy storage systems for our customers globally,” said Brett Turner, COO/CFO of Demand Energy Networks.

I got a personal tour of the features in a demo briefing with 2nd Watch President Jeff Aden and walked away with a sense that this was a product that always should have been a part of things.  Intuitive, simple, powerful – not much more to add to that – and customers are sure to gravitate to the solution.  According to the official release, prior to public release, the new cloud billing and usage application underwent extensive field testing with dozens of large midmarket and enterprise customers nationwide.

Marco Comerchero, director of IT at digital advertising technology company SocialVibe, noted: “We looked at a variety of solutions on the market and after a thorough evaluation, we determined 2W Insight offers the best product. The billing app showcases the 2nd Watch team’s expertise and deep operational experience, and presents us with the billing details we need in a simple, secure manner.”

2nd Watch’s 2W Insight has put together a compelling product that takes the AWS Cloud value proposal to another level.  Delivering on increased cost optimization and clarity of information to the enterprise, the product is sure to get continued attention and growth as customers see the advantages of clear, real-time, and concise information.