Breaking Analysis: Oracle’s Latest Upgrades Pose Potential Cost and Vendor Lock-In Problems

Oracle is moving forward with the next generation of its NoSQL technology, announcing the second release of its NoSQL database earlier this week. The upgrade includes some new features around management and administration, such as auto-rebouncing, a web-based management tool, and some new APIs to tie in other applications.

Now that Oracle fully comprehends how important NoSQL has become in the data management world, Wikibon Analyst Jeff Kelly believes that Oracle’s larger strategy revolves around owning the entire big data stack.  Kelly expressed his concerns with Oracle’s approach to big data and their desire to be the sole owner of the big data stack. The first problem he sees is a risk for vendor lock-in, especially with Oracle’s anti-affinity for playing with others in the big data space. The second problem is the cost. He stated, “These are multi-million dollar investments you need to make, and really, big data is about the open source and the affordability of these types of products and applications.”

Another part of Oracle’s announcement was around changes to its big data appliance that will make it easier for administrators to manage, tune, and deploy Hadoop clusters with improved manageability features. Kelly emphasized, “It’s really about manageability and the next generation of incorporating some of the improvements we’ve seen in the open source world in their products.” Kelly gave some predictions as to what we might see from Oracle in the big data space in 2013.  See the entire segment with Kristin Feledy and Jeff Kelly on the Morning NewsDesk Show.