For 2012, Games are the Most Grossing Software on iOS


iOS users love playing games, and that’s official now! The recent data collected by ‘Inside Mobile Apps’ revealed that games are the most popular software on iOS devices in 2012. According to this data, seven of the ten highest-grossing iPad apps and ten highest-grossing iPhone apps were games.

Even if we take a look at Top Paid and Top Free for both iPhone and iPad, games are on the top of the charts. Here’s a quick list of the games:

iPhone Top Free
1. YouTube
2. Instagram
3. Draw Something Free
4. Flashlight
5. Facebook
6. Pandora
7. Temple Run
8. Pinterest
9. Twitter
10. Skype

iPhone Top Paid
1. Angry Birds Space
2. WhatsApp Messenger
3. Draw Something
4. Camera+
5. Where’s My Water?
6. Angry Birds Star Wars
7. Fruit Ninja
8. Angry Birds
9. Bejeweled
10. Tetris

iPhone Top Grossing
1. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
2. Slotmania
3. Pokey by Zynga
4. DragonVale
5. Pandora
6. Rage of Bahamut
7. Bejeweled Blitz
8. Clash of Clans
9. CSR Racing
10. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

iPad Top Free
1. Skype
2. Temple Run
3. Facebook
4. Netflix
5. The Weather Channel for iPad
6. Draw Something Free
7. Kindle
8. Pandora
9. Angry Birds HD Free
10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free

iPad Top Paid
1. Angry Birds Space HD
2. Where’s My Water?
3. Pages
4. Draw Something
5. Notability
6. Angry Birds Star Wars HD
7. iPhoto
8. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
9. Where’s My Perry?
10. Words With Friends HD

iPad Top Grossing
1. DragonVale
2. Slotmania HD
3. Comics
4. Pages
5. Quickoffice Pro HD
6. Slotmania
7. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
8. Modern War
9. Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure HD
10. Clash of Clans

It may come as a surprise to nobody that games (and time wasting) happen to be a huge utility for mobile devices, but it also speaks to the usability of devices that use iOS. Unlike productivity suites, file exchange, display, and etc. video games rely on a multitude of capabilities on devices that other software does not. To do your things with Angry Birds you’d best have a touch screen reactive and accurate enough to get that damn red bird into the right place to pop some pigs.

“The movement of the gaming industry into mobile has been nothing short of staggering in 2012,” says SiliconANGLE writer Kyt Dotson. “Games and gaming are a fundamental part of our culture, not just in leisure but in providing a hobby or a way to blow off steam. Add in mobile devices and people have an avenue to distract themselves for a few minutes at lunch, challenge their brains, or explore a story. All through the comfort of their phone or tablet.”