Tweet Down Memory Lane With Twitter’s New Archive Feature

A lot of people who religiously use Twitter in their daily lives have often found themselves wanting to go back to certain memorable tweets they’ve made in the past.  If you constantly tweet everything that happens to you, 24/7, then you probably have thousands of tweets to go through to see a particular tweet.  And mind you, that’s not a fun activity, scrolling down and down and down until you find it.

But you no longer have to spend hours trying to locate your infamous tweet, as Twitter just announced that you can now download your Twitter Archive, which will allow you to see all your tweets by months, search your archive to find tweets with certain keywords, phrases, #hashtags or @usernames, engage with old tweets and even see all your retweets.

“This project was first built during one of our quarterly Hack Weeks. Since then, we’ve done the engineering work necessary to make it available to Twitter users. We look forward to seeing the old Tweets you uncover. As you go through all of your Tweets, share your favorites using #TwitterArchive,” wrote Mollie Vandor (@mollie), Twitter’s User Services Engineering Team, in their blog post.

Twitter Archive is not yet available to every Twitterer in the world, but if you’re one of the many to access this cool new feature, all you have to do is log in to your account, go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom to see if the option of requesting for your Twitter Archive is available.  If it is, just click the button and you’ll receive an e-mail that would instruct you on how to download your Twitter Archive.

“We’re rolling out this feature slowly, starting today with a small percentage of users whose language is set to English,” Vandor added.  “Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll make it available to all users around the world, for all the languages we offer. We’re really excited to bring this feature to everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we work to do so.”