Pentaho Puts the Holiday Spirit Into Analytics with “12 Days of Visualization”

Pentaho’s latest side-project is putting the holiday spirit into open-source analytics. The BI software maker teamed up with Portuguese chart maker Webdetails  to release one free visualization add-on a day from December 17 through the 7th of January.

The three visualizations that have been debuted so far are Sunuburst, Zoom Chart and Trellis Chart. They can be found here.

Sunuburst is a sort of meta-pie chart that allows the user to break down a data point into several categories, and then split those categories into several slices. The layout was designed with geographical data in mind.

Zoom Chart in turn is a line graph that allows you to select a particular segment and see the statistics for that particular area. Hadapt’s chief data scientist showcased similar functionality in theCube at Strata Conference + Hadoop World two months ago, where he demonstrated how his startup’s data crunching engine works in conjunction with Tableau dashboards.

The final visualization is Trellis Chart, a layout of scatter points on a grid that is designed for more complex data sets such as sales and merchandising information.

Pentaho is giving back to the community on the heel of two very notable commercial updates.

Last month the company released v4.8 of its BI solution, which includes built-in reporting capabilities and an improved interface that aggregates all the data streams that are plugged into the platform. The latter addition is designed for larger environments that make use of technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra and other NoSQL databases.

Before that, Pentaho announced a strategic alliance with Cisco to ship its software with a USC appliance built specifically for big data workloads.