How Will Flash Storage Impact the Business of Data in 2013?

Flash technology is making waves in the storage industry, and we only expect Flash to become more involved in the coming years.  For 2013 in particular, we have a few predictions from Flash technology maker Fusion-io, who’s summed up the twelve big verticals that the flash storage maker expects to impact its business, and the IT industry as a whole.  The company outlines these big changes with the case studies attached to each slide.

The first big indicator that Fusion-io identifies is the growing number of end points on the corporate network. More devices means more apps – the second trend that the firm put on its list – and more data sources to secure and monitor.

Cybersecurity is a big factor for mobile, as well as in the cloud. The vendor says that service providers catering to consumers will have to improve data protection in order to establish user trust for their offerings. This is an unavoidable factor in today’s highly competitive marketplace, and it will become an even larger consideration in 2013.

Fusion-io’s fourth trend is big data, and how analytical technologies are leveraged by organizations to boost user experience and stay ahead of the market. The software-defined data center is a key component of this vertical: eliminating costly hardware costs makes data analytics cost-efficient.

The SSD maker throws BYOD into the mix, along with the real-life advantages of implementing software-as-a-service. It names Zendesk as an example of this shift – the company’s on-demand help desk software is used by many leading enterprises and recently earned it $60 million in funding.

Fusion-io adds NoSQL, represented by MongoDB; virtualization; and VDI in the education sector to its trend line-up, along with two hardware-related shifts it expects to see in 2013. One is the increased adoption of Flash as companies develop new use cases to realize an ROI, and the other is the anticipated improvement in NAND capacity.

What are your hopes and expectations for Flash in 2013?