Apple Granted Micro SIM Connector Patent. A Win for Innovation?

In today’s mobile news roundup: Apple granted micro SIM connector patent; Nokia Windows RT tablet to sport battery extender keyboard; and Samsung files for Ericsson ban.

Apple granted micro SIM connector patent

Apple has been granted a patent for a micro SIM connector that would facilitate the easy removal and insertion of a SIM card in a device to prevent improper insertion and possible damage.  The patent covers micro and mini SIM card trays or emulators which can be used in devices such as Apple’s iPad, Macbook, or other types of computer, cell, media, or smartphone, monitor, media player, or other type of electronic device.

The granted patent comes at an important time, especially with Apple and Nokia’s SIM design dispute.  Earlier this year, Nokia and Apple were battling as to which of their SIM designs should be used by the general public.  Apple wanted nano SIMs, which are smaller than the micro SIMs, while Nokia wants the micro SIM design to stay put.  Nokia threatened ETSI that if they approved Apple’s SIM design, they would pull out their SIM patents, which would make it impossible for anyone to manufacture SIMs.  Apple gave in and redesigned their nano SIM.  A win for innovation?

In other Apple news, fresh rumors surfaced that the next generation of iPads will be thinner and lighter, and are expected to launch in March 2013.  According to Macotakara, the next iPad will feature the following dimensions: “4mm in height, 17mm in width, and 2mm in depth,” which CNET claims as “a near physical impossibility,” and that the likely scenario is “241.2mm in height, 185.7mm in width, and 9.4mm in depth,” and will likely adopt the white & silver and black & slate color schemes.

Nokia Windows RT tablet to sport battery extender keyboard

Last week, rumors surfaced that Nokia will be releasing a Windows RT tablet by February 2013.  If there are doubters that Nokia will really be releasing a tablet next year, then this news might make you a believer.  According to new reports, the said 10.1-inch Nokia Windows RT tablet will sport HDMI and USB ports, and will be compatible with AT&T’s network.

But we all know, one of the biggest factors in purchasing any device is its battery life.  Everyone wants something that can last for a day (or at least 8 hours+), so battery extenders are quite popular these days.  Luckily Nokia is said to be introducing a tablet case that would serve as a protective cover, a keyboard with stand and a battery extender packing 10 more hours of battery life.

Samsung files for Ericsson ban

Earlier this month, Ericsson filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban numerous Samsung products such as smartphones, tablets and televisions, for allegedly infringing 11 patents.  They span radio frequency receiver technology, hardware and software design of wireless communication devices and standardised communications protocols, such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, LTE and 802.11 Wi-Fi standards.  Ericsson stated that Apple has already licensed those patents.  to Samsung since 2001, but the two companies have failed to agree on new terms.

Samsung claimed that they’ve tried to negotiate with Ericsson in order to iron out their disagreement, but states that the latter is unwilling to negotiate.  The South Korean company was left with no choice and retaliate by filing their own complaint against Ericsson claiming the latter breached seven of their patents and is seeking ban on

“We have sought to negotiate with Ericsson in good faith. However, Ericsson has proven unwilling to continue such negotiations by making unreasonable claims, which it is now trying to enforce in court,” Samsung Electronics said in a statement. “The accused Ericsson products include telecommunications networking equipment, such as base stations.”