Big Data Year in Review: Redefining Analytics for Business + Culture

Undoubtedly, 2012 was a great year for big data, emerging as a top trend for the enterprise as analytics creates a competitive advantage in the business world.  Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly discusses the biggest highlights to have come out of the analytics space this year in a three-part interview with Kristen Feledy on the SiliconAngle Newsdesk. In part one, he talks about the big vendors and provides insight into the direction this trend is taking (full video below).

Kelly starts by offering his definition of the term big data, which Isilon co-founder Sujal Patel described as unstructured data that has outgrown traditional data center architecture.  This covers the technical side of things, but not the business angle. Kelly says that big data has introduced a new mindset that’s all about tapping into information and getting accurate reads about one’s business: management can now base decisions on solid facts, rather than gut feelings.

When asked about the big focal points for the industry in 2012, Kelly first brings up the IBM Information OnDemand conference.  Big Blue stepped things up at their annual event, proving the firm’s finally starting to integrate its products and services into clearly defined offerings that target specific use cases.

He also mentions Strata Conference + Hadoop World, another recent gathering that spawned a new trend: the integration of SQL-like ad hoc reporting capabilities with Hadoop. Hadapt and Cloudera showcased real-time analytics functionality that Kelly says can make analytics a lot more viable for organizations with existing BI environments.

The last highlight the Wikibon analyst notes is Nate Silver’s successful predictions for the presidential election. His take is that the widely-covered forecast helped increased awareness of big data in mainstream media, thus potentially accelerating adoption in the years to come. In the next presidential election, Kelly expects both parties will leverage more powerful analytics technology to increase targeting and tailor promotional content on an individual level.