Consumer Tech Year in Review: Apple, HP and Others Battle for BYOD

Two major tech trends have impacted the consumer space in 2012: the cloud and big data., intersecting at our social and mobile existence.  SiliconAngle news editor Kristen Nicole recapped on the 2012 consumer space buzz in her latest appearance on Newsdesk with Kristen Feledy. In part one of the interview, she discusses BYOD, tablets and the changes in the social media landscape – among other things (full video below).

Kristen starts with launch of Apple Maps first, a milestone event that represented a focal point for the phone maker this year in spite being considered a failure due to the release version’s lackluster functionality. Apple responded by dismissing several of the executives who led the development of the navigation app, but Kristen believes that the company still has a long way to go achieve its original goals. The management composition is not the only thing CEO Tim Cook is going to have to cement in 2013 – he’ll also need to accelerate the company’s software strategy to properly sustain Steve Job’s legacy in hardware.

Kristen moves on to the topic of BYOD, a trend that has swooped through the modern workplace in the past 12 months.  Right out of the bat she says this trend has actively helped improve employees’ productivity and working conditions in general: a handset serves as an alternate workstation that facilitates better multitasking and enables users to complete key portions of their work outside the office, just as well as in the office.

Bring-your-own-device is certainly proving adventurous to workers, but it only translates into more work and more security risks for IT departments to resolve.  This is changing however; Kristen observes that the big manufacturers, namely Dell and Hewlett-Packard, are adapting to market demands with mobile security solutions and hybrid laptop/tablets that aim to bridge the gap between the consumer market and enterprise needs.

Kristen moves on to talk about how Instagram is becoming the new Twitter in this social sharing era, and touches briefly on how Google Now stands up to Siri. She expands on this topic in the second session, which you can watch here.