BYOD + Build Your Own App Taking Over Mobility in 2013

As technology continues to rapidly develop mobility, it is almost impossible to even imagine what life would be like without a smartphone or tablet within reaching distance. Not only are these devices being used for personal pleasure, they’re being used in the work force as well. Companies are beginning to develop apps for their employees to use in order to make it easier to track their work within the company.

In 2012, a new perspective on mobility in the work place was formed as the idea of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) became more common. According to research, two out of three American and European employees bring their smartphones and tablets to use in the office.

One of the most used and most popular features on smartphones are apps. Users are able to download apps in almost every imaginable category, from sports to games and even finance and news. Publishers of these apps try to tailor them so that they meet the needs users are looking for. When an app is being created, publishers should make sure the app always includes basic content and also, the app’s main focus should serve how and why the consumer wants to engage with it.

According to a recent Linksmart report, in the new year approaching, publishers will make their content as functional and effective as possible for different devices to better target how consumers want to use and interact with the information.

According to recent reports from Kapow software, the new trend for 2013 will be the Build Your Own App movement. CIOs and IT departments will be able to work with “citizen developers” to build custom, lightweight enterprise apps for the line of business. After all, this will be the year that IT and the enterprise will have to start looking at citizen developers as partners in solution development instead of opponents. One of the most important thing to remember in this process is for the enterprise security to remain in place.