Consumer Year in Review: AI, Getting the Big Data Message Across to the Public

SiliconAngle news editor Kristen Nicole kicked off part two of her 2012 recap on the biggest milestones in consumer tech by continuing the discussion on artificial intelligence, and how its becoming a part of our digital lives (full video below).

Kristen says that Apple’s Siri is no longer the only mainstream AI tool on the market: location-aware services are leveraging consumer information to improve user experience, following the footsteps of data-driven apps such as Flipbook that have been doing that for quite some time.

The next topic Kristen tackles is data journalism,  and how this trend is reshaping the industry in the same way digitalization and e-readers did just a few years ago.  She says, gone are the days of editors who pick out a story based on gut feeling: analytics allow for much more accurate assessments of user sentiment that can be leveraged by journalists in the same way they used to empower marketing campaigns.

She continues to say that interaction also plays a big role in this new way of reporting: engaging users through data visualization via social media and other online mediums offers even more value to the readership, and provides yet another source of information for the publisher.

All these advantages have to be extracted from big data, but the problem is, only a handful of people possess the skillset needed to make it happen. Demand for data scientists far exceeds the supply, but the academia and IT vendors are laboring hard to solve this pressing issue.

Kristen says that many universities have expanded their curriculum with material that’s relevant to data analytics, while companies such as IBM are providing them with the resources to continue these efforts.

Kristen moves on to mobile: she says that the evolution of the mobile experience will be towards more interactivity and more personalized, two features that are heavily dependent on understanding the end-user.

For the rest of the analysis, including a look into Nate Silver’s role in helping consumers understand the data-driven technology that powers their new way of life, check out the full video below.