Dell President Weighs in on Enterprise Clientele, Focus on Cloud Analytics

Steve Felice, Dell’s president and chief commercial enterprise, stopped by theCube during his company’s conference earlier this month to discuss the key aspects of his business: client trends,  technology and services.

He starts out with the former: customers want simplicity, and Dell is more than happy to deliver. Felice says that the focus here is data, and how the cloud can be used to tap into it, and adds that Dell offers solutions for remote backup, desktop virtualization and holistic data center monitoring. He credits the latter product to a combination of technologies that his firm gained through recent acquisitions.

He goes on to elaborate on the connection between the cloud and big data, explaining that every time a new technology emerges, there is a spike in demand for hardware to power a growing number of use cases. Today, the top use case is analytics – companies need a lot of compute, storage and networking equipment to crunch through their data, and they’re turning to vendors like Dell for the necessary infrastructure solutions.

On that note, Felice says that Dell about 65,000 unit shipments away from becoming the largest provider of servers worldwide, and that it’s already number one in the U.S. and Asia.

After briefly addressing Windows 8 and praising its touch interface, the executive moves on to talk a bit about the Services element in Dell’s business.   He says that 20,000 sales representatives interact with customers every day, a statistic that contributed a great deal to the tremendous growth seen by Kace after it merged with Dell in 2010.

Throughout the interview, Felice touches on a number of other topics. He mentions the fact Dell is not held back by a faltering mainframe, which cannot be said for many of its peers, and offers more details into his company’s internal M&A process. Check out the video for the full scoop, and see our entire Dell World 2012 Playlist here.