How Springpad Will Keep Your 2013 Resolutions on Task: Applying Big Data

Would it surprise you to learn that January is National Organization Month?  Starting today, millions around the world will find the onset of 2013 the perfect excuse for making resolutions.  Now about keeping them? That’s up to you, and the easier you make things on yourself, the more successful you’ll be in truly turning your life around this year.

Big Data for You & Me

One exciting development I’ll be watching in 2013 is the consumerization of Big Data, where everyday people are granted new ways of learning from their behavioral patterns, from finance to fitness.  Mobile’s played a significant role in delivering the benefits of Big Data to the masses, as consumers got acquainted with smartphone apps and the omnipresence of the cloud.  In fact, the convergence of mobile and cloud is expected to continue impacting the consumer space this year, as SugarSync CEO Laura Yecis predicts more Services being offered at this junction.  Now that we know what smartphone apps are capable of in our personal lives, we want more automation, more organization and more individualization from consumerized Services.

One company that’s spent the whole of 2012 preparing for this moment is Springpad, my personal favorite as far as productivity tools go.  About three years and 4 million users later, Springpad is stretching towards the tipping point, heading into the mainstream space where sharing and collaboration is more frequent.  In the last twelve months Springpad has overhauled its app with collaborative notebooks, refreshed iOS and Android apps, and a bevy of automated features that continuously contextualize your bookmarked content.  Most recently Springpad added wine pairings to “sprung” recipes, a feature similar to the automated Yelp reviews you’ll get when tagging a physical location, or the Rotten Tomato reviews that appear when you bookmark a film.

Jumpstart 2013 Resolutions

For National Organization Month, Springpad is jumpstarting your resolution process with 31 days of inspiration.  Instead of telling potential users how Springpad is beneficial, they’re showing.  Every day in January Springpad will promote a Tastemaker, highlighting power users and their boards as templates for new users.  You can follow Tastemakers, “spring” their items for your own collections, and get a real understanding of how Springpad can help you keep those New Year’s resolutions.

A great example of one of these Tastemakers is Jess Brune, celebrity chef and trainer to the stars.  He’s got a comprehensive notebook on Springpad with healthy snacks, grocery lists and recipes that make it simple for you to stick to a plan beyond January 1st.  Another notebook to check out early in 2013 is [How to] Organize a SXSW Roadtrip (see you there!).

“Rather than talking about big data to the mainstream, here’s how you apply it,” says Jeff Janer, co-founder of Springpad.  “All the stuff we’ve done all along, we’re still doing.  Our board, Organizing a New York City Weekend, automatically maps locations for you, integrating Foursquare tips.  We’re continuing to add our integrations moving forward.  The question we answer is, ‘how do you make this data useful without the complexity, and apply it in a way that’s useful for end users?'”

Get Smart Through Invisible Data Analytics

As I’ve mentioned time and again, Springpad is a great tool for bookmarking, social collaboration, creating vision boards, tracking products, tasks and even events.  It’s certainly the app to watch in 2013, as it builds a Service around your content, anticipating  the people, places and things that you’ll need to glean ongoing and future value from that content.

In the spirit of self-improvement, here’s an inspiring list of the 8 Things that make Jeff Janer Smarter:

1. My wife
2. Contempt for obstacles 
3. Begin at the end’ 
4. A 6 mile run and/or a 40 mile bike ride
5. The State of Maine
6. My co-founder: @jjchow
7. The conversations on 
8. Leadership is an Art, by Max Depree