Apple Already Testing iPhone 6 and iOS 7

In today’s mobile news roundup: Developers report iPhone 6 and iOS 7 already in the works; Samsung’s bid to seal sales data denied; and Google Project Glass still under development.

Developers report iPhone 6 and iOS 7 already in the works

Even before a new product hits shelves, you can bet that a company is already hard at work on their next “big thing.”  So it isn’t really a surprise when developers started reporting that they’ve been seeing identifiers for a new iPhone and iOS.  According to developers, Apple is already testing hardware with iPhone6,1 identifier powered by the monile operating system iOS 7.

According to The Next Web, who received the reports from developers, “the app requests originate from an IP address on Apple’s Cupertino campus, suggesting that members of Apple’s software development and app teams are compatibility testing some of the more popular or well-known applications already on the App Store.”

In other Apple news, their “Do Not Disturb” feature, which allows users to set specific schedules to silence their phones, may have experienced a glitch as 2012 transitioned to 2013.  Some users reported that the feature was turned on though it was outside of the specified schedule.  Though a number of people reported the same concern, it doesn’t seem to have affected everyone.  Apple has yet to comment on the issue.

And the Apple Store in Paris was hit, three hours after closing, and the robbers allegedly took as much as one million euros worth of products though that number has yet to be confirmed.  According to the authorities, the robbers timed their action perfectly, as most of the police force were patrolling Champs-Elysées for the New Year celebration.  Also aiding the kleptos was the fact that “large boulevards near the store situated just behind the Palais Garnier opera house, led to several different parts of the city,” helping them get away unnoticed.

Samsung’s bid to seal sales data denied

In the ongoing court battle between Apple and Samsung, the South Korean company’s bid to keep sales data sealed was denied by US District Judge Lucy Koh, who has been overseeing the case.

Last year, Judge Koh sided with Apple and fined Samsung over a billion dollars for infringing six of Apple’s patents.  Samsung filed an appeal to overturn, or at least reduce the fine, which Apple welcomed, and filed an appeal of their own for possible additional damages.  In an order issued yesterday, Judge Koh stated that Samsung’s appeal involves them divulging sales data of certain products during certain time periods.  But in a separate order, the judge granted Samsung’s request to delay publication of a part of a document which showed per unit operating profit for two of their devices.

Google Project Glass still under development

In June 2012, Google unveiled Project Glass, or Google Glass, to the public, which received much applause.  Everyone was excited, but alas, it wasn’t available for purchase back then, and unfortunately, six months after the big reveal, it’s still not available for purchase.

According to Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, they’re still polishing the product before it gets released, equipping it with the right type of battery so that you can use Google Glass for a full day, as well as other features that would add value to the wearer.  Developers who have pre-booked Google Glass are expected to receive their devices by the second half of 2013, as for the consumer version, we may have to wait until the end of 2013 or possibly 2014 to get our hands on this seemingly revolutionary product.