Boost Your BYOD Performance With These Work-Related Apps

The new year has just begun, and for many of you, there’s countless changes ahead.  They may have to do with your work or personal life.  They could be something as simple as using your time more efficiently  or making better decisions when it comes to your social networking activity.

If you’re looking to boost your work performance in 2013, here’s some mobile apps and services to help you along the way.


This app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone is best for work-focused people who want to expand their social circle at a conference they are attending.

For event organizers, Topi delivers analytics, content sharing, remote access, broadcast updates to attendees, and conducts surveys regarding the event.  For conference attendees, Topi allows them to connect with like-minded people based on groups, allow profile browsing, select people for private conversations, share photos, sketches, maps and audio messages to other Topi users, and of course, integration with other social sites.


This app helps you find the best office spaces and meeting rooms for rent, so you can assure your clients that you are to be taken seriously and you mean business – not monkey business.  It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

It presents you with all available locations in real-time, you can book and confirm available spaces and get immediate confirmation, as well as invite colleagues and clients to the place of your choice.  The apps also allows you to check-in to your preferred space and unlock internet and other passcodes needed to help you get started.


If you organize huge events for your company, it would be great to utilize a service such as Wifarer which provides a software-only, high-accuracy indoor positioning solution for venues such as airports, shopping centers, museums, convention centers, hospitals, and universities.  It gives you directions, helps you find your way in an unfamiliar airport or finding your way around a conference venue.  Conference attendees will thanks you for Wifarer as it gives them flight information, seminar schedules as well as coupons for shopping.  And because it’s all about indoor positioning, conference attendees will never be late in attending keynotes, as they’ll know exactly where they will be going.

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