Reddit Celebrates “Billions” of Milestones in 2012 as Facebook Stumbles into 2013

Reddit is showing us that Facebook and Twitter have not completely monopolized the social scene just yet. The company announced on its blog that 2012 was a milestone year for both the site and community, with a total of 37 billion page views and no less than 400 million unique visitors.

Reddit said that over 30 million posts were submitted last year; along with 260 million comments over four billion votes. The company’s user base can’t hope to compete with Facebook’s one billion actively monthly users, but 2012 was a momentous time for the social network nonetheless.

The official announcement (linked above) includes the top 10 posts, as well as other information.  Barak Obama’s post made it to the number one spot with more than 5.5 million views last year, twice as much as the runner up and almost four times more than the entry by Korean pop sensation PSY, who made it to the eighth spot with just over 1.5 million hits.

While the Reddit crew is celebrating last year’s growth, Facebook is trying to come up with new ways of improving user experience for the portion of world population that it calls its user base.

For New Year Eve, the company launched a Midnight Delivery messaging service that took the burden of remembering the recipient’s time zone off its members’ shoulders.  The only problem was that the rushed release came with a security loophole that, to the dread of the resourceful blogger who stumbled upon it, allowed complete access to strangers’ private messages and recipient list.  Facebook promptly shut down the service after the bug report came through and rolled out a patch without a few hours.