ActiveVideo Networks CloudTV – Next Gen TV User Experience? Cloud & Social Going CloudTV

With all the buzz about social TV and cloud based Software-led Infrastrcture (SLI), it’s a no brainer that TV is going to the cloud. Just look at Netflix. A startup is talking next generation TV in the cloud. The company is ActiveVideo Networks. They have announced the launch of its “CloudTV Access™’ developer program, an initiative designed to accelerate the design and deployment of advanced HTML5 user experiences for millions of users on CloudTV™-enabled Smart TVs, set-top boxes and other CE devices.

Every year at CES the TV market is anticipated to change. Certainly Netflix and Hulu are the top brands that have achieved success. Brands like Skype are not taking advantage of their massive position. Since the acquisition by Microsoft Skype’s momentum has been sliding. Can the new upstarts chip away at the stumbling Skype’s of the world and take on this new market?

The CloudTV Access program leverages the “write-once, deploy-everywhere” content creation environment of ActiveVideo’s CloudTV™ platform to cut app time-to-market by as much as 80% for connected device manufacturers and virtual service providers, as well as cable and IPTV operators. Developing on the CloudTV platform is easy, but the program is designed to help developers who are experienced with HTML5 development on the Web make the transition to television while providing them with the CloudTV tools and resources needed to quickly create cross-platform HTML5 user experiences that can be scalably streamed to any device.

CloudTV is a platform for the multiscreen delivery of advanced user interfaces.  The latest version, CloudTV H5, leverages HTML5 browsers in remote servers to render the most advanced user experiences in the cloud and stream them uniformly to connected TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets and smartphones, as well as set-top boxes ranging from the oldest QAM- to the newest IP-based devices.

Developers are Key Player in Next Gen TV

A two-stage program, the CloudTV Access program begins with consultation sessions between the developer and the ActiveVideo development team and access to development tools and services, APIs and JavaScript libraries, as well as assistance in creating an initial application as specified by the developer.

CloudTV is available on more than 10 million devices in the United States and abroad with Cablevision Systems, Ziggo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and other operators, as well as on Philips-brand NetTVs, and is powering advanced user experiences for Net2TV, a virtual service provider. ActiveVideo also has announced that Comcast is using CloudTV in an enhanced video-on-demand (VOD) user experience trial.