Broadcom is Making Lots of Friends at CES

Several vendors announced they will be exhibiting new products based on communications chips from Broadcom at CES this week. The trade show will be held in Las Vegas from Tuesday through Friday, January 11.

LG said it will incorporate Broadcom’s   IEEE 802.11ac WiFi or “5G” technology into a number of select TV models that will support content sharing between other TVs, computers and mobile phones.  This functionality is designed to better accommodate all the other connected devices in the typical household.

“LG is leading the market with next-generation digital TV innovations that dramatically enhance the consumer’s viewing experience,” said Sangyeob Lee , LG Electronics Senior Director, TV Product Planning. “By adding 5G WiFi to our flagship Smart TV platforms, our customers will experience the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity yet. Partnering with Broadcom allows us to raise the bar and be the first company to introduce the next generation of WiFi in our Smart TV platforms.”

Another hardware company, Pace, is using Broadcom SoCs to improve content streaming. Its still-in-development media gateway ships less than three Broadcom products under the hood: the BCM3128 multi-receiver, the BCM3335 hybrid IP gateway and the BCM4360 5 GHz WI-Fi solution.

The gateway is one component of a three-part media combo that Pace is currently working on. The bundle also includes two set-top boxes, one of which runs on a Broadcom BCM7428 system-on-chip and the other on a BCM7125.

Finally, Netgear announced a new line of home networking and sharing products that – you guessed it – run on Broadcom silicon. Its 200Mbps Powerline Adapters leverage the performance of the  BCM60321 SoC, a specialized chip that’s compatible with the HomePlug AV standard that Netgear’s products are based on.