StrataFusion Hires Former VMware CIO to Help Clients with IT

StrataFusion, a consultancy whose portfolio consists primarily of “CIO for Hire” services targeted at senior management, is certainly living up to its name. The firm just announced that VMware alumnus Mark Egan (not to be confused with the guitarist) has been brought back as a partner.

Egan originally signed up with StrataFusion in 2006, after having served as Symantec’s CIO for more than six years. During his stint at the security software maker, the company’s value grew eightfold from $600 million to $5 billion.

In 2008 he left StrataFusion and joined the Haas School of Business as a lecturer, where he taught for about a year before he was nabbed by VMware. Egan served as the virtualization giant’s chief information officer through December 2012. Now he’s back in the game.

“Mark brings a wealth of IT operational and CIO experience to StrataFusion,” said Ken Crafford, StrataFusion’s Chief Executive Officer. “The technology industry is going through a major transformation today and we are pleased to have Mark lead our new consulting practice that will assist our clients in taking advantage of cloud, mobile, social, and big data technology to accelerate their business. StrataFusion has a long track record of delivering value-added services to our clients and we are excited about these new service offerings.”

Businesses are investing in new technologies such as virtualization and analytics, but they often lack the know-how that is so vital to realize a return. This applies to the C-level execs that make the decisions just as it does to the technical personnel who execute them and implement the technology.

StrataFusion is not the only service provider that’s benefiting from a growing number of cloud and Big Data use cases. Capgemini is also tapping into this opportunity, which is exactly why it teamed-up with EMC two months.