Toshiba’s Self-Encrypting Drives Give Enterprise Users Peace of Mind


Toshiba has announced a line of high-security drives for enterprise that will help businesses to better manage sensitive information in cloud computing, data centers and client computing applications.

The Japanese firm unveiled four new SATA and SAS drives packing the enhanced security features at CES on Sunday evening. The drives boast embedded self-encrypting and cryptographic-erase features that ensure a high level of protection against improper access – features that the company hopes will appeal to organizations where data security is paramount.

“System administrators can help to better secure sensitive data by using encrypted storage devices,” said Toshiba products manager Scott Wright in a press release.

“Toshiba’s latest eSSD and mobile HDD SED models provide the advanced security features companies need to properly sanitize SSDs in server and storage subsystems and ensure the security of private data on HDDs in mobile and desktop PCs to help prevent costly data breaches.”


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According to Toshiba, its PX02ANU and PX03ANU SATA multi-level cell SSDs’ strength lies in its “ATA Enhanced Secure Cryptographic Erase (SCE)” system, which can store and wipe anything from 55GB to 480GB of data should unauthorized persons attempt to access it. Alternatively, those organizations that need greater storage capacity can opt for Toshiba’s PXO2SMQ/U drives, with data capacities ranging from 200GB up to 1.6TB.

Drive encryption keys are regenerated by the SCE technology, which serves to lock up previously stored data. According to Toshiba, “this allows SED storage devices to be quickly and securely sanitized before re-allocation, redeployment or retirement”.

For mobile computing meanwhile, Toshiba’s MQ01ABU series offers a data capacity of between 250GB and 500GB, whilst providing cryptographic-erase, self-encryption and TCG-Opal protocol support. It also supports Toshiba’s cryptographic-erase technology that automatically deletes data should an unexpected host attempt to access the HDDs, or if a pre-determined number of authentication failures take place.

Toshiba said that it’ll be sending out sample shipments of its new, super-secure SATA eSSD drives later this month, while the rest will be sent out later in Q1. The company did not give out any price information at this time.