Data Scientists Key Target for InMobi’s Latest Acquisition

Digital advertising firm InMobi announced the acquisition of Overlay for an undisclosed amount. The Singapore-based startup developed something called Context Engine, an analytical software solution specifically designed to track trends among smartphone and tablets owners.

“At Overlay Media, our goal has been to develop technology that enables mobile devices to provide a highly personal and immersive user experience. We are excited to join InMobi to further their position as a market leader in mobile advertising”, said Dr. Ian Anderson, CEO at Overlay Media.”

Based on the official statement from InMobi founder and CEO Naveen Tewari, the deal appears to be a talent a buy.  This morning’s release puts an emphasis on the data scientists that comprise Overlay, a team that is joining InMobi to maintain its position at the “forefront of delivering highly engaging content to consumers.”

Context is king in InMobi’s business. The company is offering tools that help marketers target specific audiences and gauge the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Brands are also pursuing new means to reach out to prospective customers across all platforms, a task that is proving more difficult by the day.

InMobi, together with most of its peers, is presently offering HTML5 tools that enable advertisers to create content for smartphones and tablets. But at this week’s CES vendors are showcasing a new breed of connected device that digital ad networks have not yet addressed: smart TVs.

John Casaretto writes that some of the products on display at CES in Las Vegas right now include multimedia features that supply marketers with new means to interact with their audiences. Today smart TVs can only be found in a very limited number of households, and advertiser interest is proportional. But this is rapidly changing, and now is the opportunity to obtain a head start.