CoreSite Allows Nirvanix Clientele to Bypass the ISP

As of this week Nirvanix customers in the West Coast have the option of connecting to their hosted environment directly without the help of a carrier. This private networking capability is offered courtesy of CoreSite, the colocation provider that hosts the local deployment of Nirvanix’s Cloud Storage Network at its One Wilshire facility in Los Angeles.

“Nirvanix is the most logical progression from the enterprise data center to the enterprise cloud for applications such as backup, archive and large-scale content collaboration,” said Dru Borden, CEO of Nirvanix.

“As a result of this collaborative effort, CoreSite customers running a cloud computing environment or a SAN storage infrastructure can now establish an immediate and direct connection into our cloud storage services for on-demand storage capacity, availability and bandwidth. This provides them with anytime, anywhere data access through live replicas spread across a global grid.”

Private connectivity is invaluable for organizations that are dealing with confidential data, or simply require reliability or scale that an internet service provider may not be able to guarantee.

Customers can establish a direct connection via standard single-mode fiber Ethernet, either 1Gbps or 10G, or via CoreSite’s Any2 peering network.

Nirvanix is quickly gaining share as a niche cloud service provider that doesn’t target the masses, but instead focuses on enterprise clients that can afford better SLAs, security and a direct link to their cloud resources.  To persevere this current growth rate, the company is beefing up both its portfolio and management team.

Last month Nirvanix promoted its chief strategy officer to CEO. Dru Borden has replaced Scott Genereux, who assumed a senior executive role at Oracle. Borden has big shoes to fill  – even Larry Ellison was apparently impressed by what Genereux managed to achieve for the cloud storage firm in a relatively short period of time.