Did CES Get Its Mojo Back in 2013?

As with most popular events, CES has become arguably “lame” in recent years.  Over-hyped, over-covered and over-attended.  But this year brought a fresh spin to CES as connected gadgets finally found their calling as service-driven devices.  It’s a development we’ve been expecting for some time, given the bubbling interest in Big Data in 2012 and the growing amount of data being created by consumers of all ages.  This year is all about implementing Big Data, and that goes for the enterprise and the consumer space, as John Cassaretto points out in an editorial exploring what CES means for corporate IT.

The junction of Big Data and consumer electronics is bearing some tasty fruit at CES this week, especially in the mobile sector.  Our top post for CES coverage was a roundup of the top connected devices demoed at CES, but we also had some great roundups for other areas of interest.  So be sure to check out our recaps on top mobile devices, home entertainmentsmart cars, home networking and video conferencing.

CES was also a battleground for mobile chips, and the stakes are higher than ever.  Samsung, Intel and Broadcom all came hard with new processors, all vying for the right partners and strategies for our increasingly connected world.

While Apple tends to throw its own product events, there was no shortage of iPhone-related rumors at CES 2013.  Word of a cheaper iPhone emerged this week, amidst investor worries that Apple is losing ground to rival manufacturers like Samsung, and OS’s like Android.  We often see new Apple products launch relatively soon after CES, so there’s a chance that gadget geeks will get some new toys in the afterglow of the just-ended Vegas trade show.

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