EMC’s On-Premise File Sharing Service “Syncplicity” Goes Live


Even as cloud adoption becomes increasingly widespread in the enterprise today, there remains a core of businesses that steadfastly refuse to shift away from on-premise storage. Now, in an effort to marry the two concepts together and bring the best of both worlds to these types of businesses, EMC is fusing two of its most popular products.

EMC’s Syncplicity cloud file sharing service can now be combined with either its Atmos object storage or its Isilon network-attached storage solution, creating what EMC dubs as the first “end-to-end, on premise storage solution for online file sharing,” reports ZDNet.

By combining these products, what EMC is doing is creating an on-premise architecture that allows enterprises to share and sync data within a network, making it available to all users and company collaborators without any need to store it in the cloud. EMC explains that no on-premise data is duplicated into the cloud – all it does is ‘transfer’ data via the cloud as and when required.

The main benefit of Syncplicity is just one of convenience, but from a security perspective EMC says that CIOs and IT staff will actually gain more control over what it calls a “consumer-orientated culture” for online sharing, as its system can meet all corporate security requirements they stipulate.

Syncplicity isn’t exactly a new product, because EMC hasn’t actually created anything at all, but what it has done is find a new way to position its cloud services for customers yet to be convinced to shift their data into the cloud. In addition, the products may also interest those who are still unsure of the role that personal devices should play in the workplace.

The beta version of Syncplicity is available to EMC’s enterprise customers now, and comes tacked on with either its Isilon or its Atmos solution.