Google’s Nexus 5 Could Launch Next Month, Apple Shares Fall, Instagram Loses Users

In today’s mobile roundup: Google to unveil Nexus 5 at MWC; RIM sees 15K app submissions in two days; Instagram loses users over ToS; Apple’s shares sinks to lowest in a year; and Facebook gears up for today’s big event.

Google to unveil Nexus 5 at MWC

At CES 2013, Google Senior Vice President James Fisher stated that the Nexus was a first of many LG products that the two are collaborating on, going on to hint that we can expect to see more Google products at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

According to IBT, LG has already stopped production of the Nexus 4 as they prepare for upcoming smartphones.  LG is said to be unveiling the Nexus 4 successor with a much greater processor, a powerful 2GHz quad core processor and will run Android Key Lime Pie.

RIM sees 15K app submissions in two days

Research in Motion is set to unveil a set of BlackBerry 10 devices at the end of January, and they’re scurrying to add more apps for their users to enjoy.  RIM conducted two Port-a-Thon to entice developers to submit apps for their platform.  As an added bonus,  developers that get an app approved will receive $100.

And it only gets better, if they have between two to five apps approved, the developers received a BlackBerry PlayBook.  If they have more than five apps approved, the developers’ names will be entered into a random drawing, and the winner gets a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.  The promotion clearly got developers attention, as RIM received 15,000 apps in just 37.5 hours.

Here with more analysis on RIM’s tactics to stockpile apps for its upcoming release is Senior Managing Editor Kristen Nicole, who appeared on this morning’s NewsDesk show with Kristin Feledy.

Instagram loses users over ToS

Before 2012 came to a close, Instagram inadvertently spiced things up with significant changes to their Terms of Service, initially set to take affect Jan. 16th of this year.  But the ToS modification catalyzed a chain of negative reactions from their users, some even threatening to leave the service when they read that the new terms may use users’ photos for ads without their permission.

Instagram revised their ToS, but it won’t take effect until January 19.  The photo-sharing service reiterated in a blog post that the ownership of photos hasn’t changed (you’re still the owner), and they’ve taken into consideration the feedback they’ve gotten from users to improve upon their ToS.

The revisions may be too little, too late. According to AppStats, an app traffic monitoring firm, since the news of their changed ToS broke, Instagram’s lost half of their daily active users.  From almost 16.3 million, Instagram’s daily active users is now down to 7.6 million.  But, on the contrary, they continue to add more monthly active users.  The downside to this though, is that monthly users don’t use the service as much as daily active users.

Apple’s shares sinks to lowest in a year

News of Apple cutting orders for components used in their iPhone 5 clearly has taken a toll on the company, as their shares fell by 3.57 percent to $501.75 – the lowest in 11 months.  A report from CNN stated that investors with 100 shares would’ve lost $20,000 after Monday’s closing trading.

As for the orders being cut, Apple suppliers declined to comment on the issue.

Facebook gears up for today’s big event

Facebook is set to host an event today wherein it has been rumored that a new Messenger app for iPad or tablet in general will be revealed.  But aside from the new Messenger, Facebook could also be revealing the much talked about Facebook smartphone dubbed as Project Buffy.  Because of this, investors have an optimistic outlook, reflected in Facebook’s shares, up by roughly 17 percent since the start of the year.  Facebook’s event will start today at 10 a.m. (1 p.m. EST) in their Menlo Park, California headquarters.