Cyber Moms Push for Assault Weapons Ban

There is an ongoing debate today, on whether the US needs tougher laws regarding ownership or possession of firearms.  The debate was sparked by the incident in Connecticut wherein a gunman entered the  Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 and killed 20 children and six adults.

The searing question is, how such a powerful weapon, the Bushmaster, a semi-automatic rifle, came into the possession of Adam Lanza, the 20 year old gunman who shot himself after his gruesome act.  Some stated that Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza whom Adam killed in their home before going to the school, was a gun enthusiast and has a number of power guns in her possession.  According to reports, Adam has a history of mental illness.

When the news broke, there were people who used Facebook and Twitter to spread false information about what happened, and there was even a comment going around Facebook supposedly quoting actor Morgan Freeman, but was actually made by a certain “Mark from Vancouver.”  But that doesn’t mean that social networks are just for fun.  Some are using this outlet to be heard, to disseminate information, and gain supporters for their cause.

One Million Moms for Gun Control was founded by Shannon Watts, a mother of five, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.  The moms here know that because of the Second Amendment, the law protects anyone’s rights to possess and carry firearms, but there are restrictions.  1MM4GC demands actions to: Ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds; Require background checks for all gun purchasers; Report the sale of large quantities of ammunition to the ATF; and Limit the scope of concealed weapons laws at the state level.

The group is using Facebook to gain the support of other mothers to push gun control efforts to help in making the US a safer place.

New York is the first to enact the US’ toughest gun restrictions, which includes expanded assault-weapon bans and mandatory background checks for buying ammunition.  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it into law less than an hour after it won final passage in the state legislature.  Supporters have been praising the law, and deem it as a model law for other states to follow.  But gun-activists are of course against it, stating that it is too extreme.

Though there is a need to regulate what type of firearms should be sold to civilians, it can’t be ignored that guns aren’t to be blamed for crimes – it’s the people who use them.  Guns can be fatal, but anything in this world can be used to cause harm if people have the will and the resources.  So it’s the people to be blamed, not the media, and not even games.   I understand the need for owning a gun for protection, I just don’t understand  why people need to buy such powerful weapons to do so.