Oculus Unveils Virtual Reality Headset – The Oculus Rift


We all love virtual reality stuff, but not what comes handy with it – the motion sickness. Taking away this side effect, Oculus has unveiled its an all new virtual reality headset, named Oculus Rift that it promises will make VR into an immersive and entertaining experience, and will be launched publicly soon.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 at Las Vegas, Brendan Iribe chief executive of Oculus VR showed the demo of the headset prototype. He also informed that the final device will be shipped in March this year.

“This is day zero of VR gaming,” Iribe said. “For the first time, it’s good enough so that you won’t want to kill yourself when you’re wearing it.”

“I could shoot a little green spark at objects in the scenery, and it was instantaneous and accurate. If I turned my head too fast, I could see a blur in the environment. Future improvements will fix the effect. In a future version, for consumers, we could do a higher resolution. This is just head tracking, but in the future, people should be able to integrate hand tracking. The final version will come when there is enough content and the developers of the world say this is consumer ready. We’re not there yet, he added.”

Oculus has not disclosed the price for the headset yet, but is also manufacturing developer kits to be shipped in March. These kits will help developers modify their PC games to be “Oculus ready.”

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming more and more of interesting things for people around. Just like this virtual headset is much awaited, we all are expecting a lot from Google Glasses. The advent of Google Glass has spurred not just a discussion of the first generation of these types of devices via their own show at Google I/O and the stirring interest in the public; but it’s also pulled some competitors out of the woodwork. Apple has been seen making motions in that direction with patents not directed at everyday consumers as Google, instead the Apple iGlasses may focus on professionals. Finally there’s been some odd rumors coming out of Microsoft about potential Kinect Glasses, but that’s just wild speculation right now.

Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game from Oculus VR on Vimeo.