Hackers Attack Mexican Defense Ministry Website


An Anonymous Mexican group has hacked the Mexican Defense Ministry website, posting a manifesto from the Zapatista rebel group. The manifesto was up on the website for two hours in front of a black background, with phrases from the manifesto of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN).

The Anonymous MexicanH Team conveyed the message on its Twitter account that it hacked and “defaced” the ministry website. The group also said that the entire content of the defense ministry server hacked by them will be released soon.

“Brothers and sisters, let’s raise our voices for a Mexico free of corruption, free of crime,” the message said. “Let’s show the world that were are one, we are everyone. We are anonymous. We are legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Wait for us!”

In response of hacking, the Defense Ministry responded that its website was “momentarily out of service” but did not explain why and did not refer to the hacking claim.

Kyt Dotson, HackANGLE editor, believes that the Anonymous cell appears to be working different angles than previous iterations.

“In 2011, Anonymous cells in Mexico sought to insinuate themselves into the gang wars that exist in Mexico due to the power of drug cartels and thought to unmask or reveal the locations of major players,” he says. “However, that quickly ended when they backed off or lost interest. As we’ve seen, the social structures of Anonymous can be capricious when a critical mass or viral interest cannot be brought to bear.

“This cell is following the moral thread that speaks out against government crackdowns on protest and other censorship. Their activity–breaking into a government webpage to publicly display a manifesto–fits that particular undercurrent in the landscape of Anonymous speech.”