New Relic Unleashes “NERD LIFE” MC Frontalot Video


According to New Relic, “2013 is the year of the nerd” and that everything is hackable.

For many developers, inventors, hackers, and others the world is a place of constant innovation and moving parts. Nerds, geeks, and others see the world not so much differently than anyone else but possess a cultural vision that includes the joy of taking things apart to see how they work—but also making them work better and producing something new.

New Relic has gotten together with famous NerdCore rapper MC Frontalot to come out with a music video that embodies a lot of the jargon, pop nerd culture, and general fun.

“Nerd” used to be a negative term, but now it’s a badge of honor for millions of hackers worldwide.

New Relic is devoted to enabling the new economy – the nerd economy – and we do it by building software that helps developers everywhere build even BETTER web and mobile software that’s changing the world…one line of code at a time.

Without any further ado, here’s MC Frontalot,

For those unfamiliar, New Relic is an all-in-one web application performance tool that allows for not just debugging of code, but application, user, and use monitoring. It works with Ruby, Java, PHP, and other common web-centric languages. Plus, it comes with a snazzy dashboard filled with graphs and historical data to make it easier to figure out where bottlenecks or performance issues might be cropping up.

We’ve covered New Relic here at SiliconANGLE time to time including their partnership with Rackspace for OpenStack support.

Otherwise just enjoy the video and keep up with the nerd life.