Zettaset Raises $10M to Simplify Hadoop for a Complex Big Data World

Zettaset raised $10 million in a Series B financing round led by HighBar partners.  Brocade also participated, as did original backers DFJ and Epic Ventures. HighBar’s John Kim and Roy Thiele-Sardiña have joined the company’s board.

Zettaset offers a software solution that simplifies Hadoop deployment and configuration in complex enterprise environments. As far as the IT department is concerned, it’s a much cheaper alternative to bringing in a service provider with the necessary talent, and proportionally high rates, to do the same job manually.

Zettaset Orchestrator has the second major advantage: it’s distribution-agnostic. This means that users are not locked into a single version, and are free to move data around as they please.

“Enterprises of all sizes are demanding robust and secure turn-key solutions for their production, mission-critical environments,” said Zettaset President and CEO Jim Vogt. “Zettaset is the only vendor providing a comprehensive, software-only solution for cluster management that can be deployed across a wide variety of operating systems, Hadoop distributions, and file systems, transparently integrating Big Data into existing environments. This funding enables us to further serve our enterprise base and more effectively address this exploding market opportunity.”

This week’s $10 million round pushes the total funding that the company raised to date past the $16 million mark.  Considering that Orchestrator has only been out since 2010, that’s quite a feat.

Simplification is the name of the game for Zettaset.  Not too long ago Zettaset entered a strategic partnership with Hyve Solutions to make things even easier for its clientele.  The latter firm is a system integrator that specializes in designing servers for data-intensive workloads.  The two companies are collaborating to develop new hardware solutions purpose built to run the kind of software Zettaset customers are using in their environment. The first solution was announced last May: a Red Hat Enterprise Linux box that ships with a pre-installed copy of Orchestrator.