Swipp Startup Announces New Social Network For Sharing

Today, Swipp a Silicon Valley startup announces their social network application platform called Swipp.

Swipp is a standalone application and underlying platform that is being launched in 45 countries simultaneously. This should give the new application a good start. Swipp founders told me that they are thinking big. They hope Swipp will become a billion dollar business and ultimately become a verb in the new social consumer vocabulary.

The product name called Swipp as in “Swipp it” will be used by different people, for different reasons. There is no installed bases and the company hopes to get critial mass. They understand that users will need users to love it and adoption will make the data more powerful. As I mentioned above Swipp management is in it for the the long haul, and will soon develop reference apps, set up partner integrations and expand the opportunities for brands to obtain deep analytical data too to expand our reach.

The Swipp platform converts social expressions intoactionable, hard data about every topic in the world. Swipp will provide developer access to our APIs as they become hardened and tested.  Swipp will require you to download on your iPhone and login with Facebook to start.

Swipp is taking on a big task of being an application, a platform, social media tool, and data provider.

Swipp believes that the collective knowledge of the social graph is of extreme value as it represents what everyone is thinking at any particular time. When collected, aggregated and displayed, that information creates a better-informed world.
“For the first time in human history, we have over a billion people connected to each other, which has produced an enormous amount of data but very little insight,” said Don Thorson, CEO and co-founder of Swipp.
“Our goal at Swipp is to take all the ideas, thoughts and comments that are currently being lost and bring them together in meaningful new ways that can be used by people, businesses and developers alike.”
Who is Swipp

Swipp is a social intelligence platform that merges social expression with traditional knowledge to create a new type of living, social intelligence around every topic in the world. The company was founded in 2011 by Don Thorson, Charlie Costantini and Ramani Narayan, and is funded by Old Willow Partners.

Best Startup Video Ever – Very Apple-like

For now I have to say that their how it works video is the best that I’ve seen from any startup. See below.

My Angle:
I love social startups and the Swipp team’s vision.  They have the expertise and experience to pull this off.  My big question mark is “can they achieve critical mass?”. They face the same issues Color and Path face. The product has to be great and useable from day 1.

I have yet to use it so I can’t comment on that aspect.  My first impression in seeing the product demo is it feels like a social version of “Path”.

This is a highly competitive space and requires lots of funding and product market success.  I do like how the Swipp team is launching in 45 countries. Their strategy of getting a beachhead on a global footprint is super smart. My concern is that the data sets for a user experience has to grow organically and that is their number one issue – critical mass.

In the meantime I’ll try the app and see how it work.