Coke Enables Social Sabotage with Coke Chase


Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and there’s as much anticipation for the commercials as there is for the game – almost. For big brands though, the competition for viewers is intense. So intense in fact, that Coke has decided to make an all out war, with a ‘race’ to see what stereotype wins their ‘gamified’ Coke Chase 2013 Ad.

The so called “Mirage” advertisment, created by ad agency Widen+Kennedy, pits three groups – the #CokeCowboys, the #CokeShowgirls, and the #CokeBadlanders – in a “coke chase”, with each of them racing through the desert to get their mitts on a refreshing bottle of Coca Cola. The ad is destined to cause a stir on social media sites and in sports bars around the country.

Who wins the race and gets the ultimate prize will be destined entirely by the audience. Viewers are invited to influence the contest and back their favorites at the following website set up especially for the contest at Here, you’ll find details of all three competitors in the chase, together with image galleries, some highly amusing bi-data on each, and of course, the option to vote on who should win.

The Coke Showgirls, our “HOT” tip to win!

CokeChase also incorporates the oh-so essential social aspect too, with hastags and ‘like’ buttons – a complete online campaign, in other words, and one that is sure to build up excitement well ahead of the big game.

The ending chosen by viewers will air on Super Bowl 2013 on Feb. 3. Fans will even be able to “sabotage” the race by voting multiple times until the end of the game. And just to sweeten the deal for all those who do want to vote, Coca-Cola will be giving away 50,000 free cokes to participants after the game.

Check out how you can influence the contest at, and meanwhile let us know who you want to win via the poll from Proprofs below: