Tired of Waiting for Vine? Post Videos on Twitter with These Alternatives

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo posted a six-second video on Twitter this morning, showing a guy making a steak tartare using Vine, the video sharing service that never launched but landed an acquisition deal with Twitter last year.

Vine will be launched as a stand-alone iOS app, so you won’t really see it on Twitter as a fully integrated app.  There’s a possibility that you can use Vine to post videos on other social networking sites.  Vine is like Instagram, but for videos.  It lets users share video clips that’s only six seconds long, and Vine users can also follow other users and discover new clips.

Though AllThingsD’s sources claim that the Vine might launch as early as today, the fact remains that there is no certainty as to when it will be officially launched, since there’s still a “Coming soon” note on Vine’s site.  For those wanting to share videos on Twitter, here are some services to consider:


This might be the popular choice for sharing videos on Twitter, as there are millions of videos available on YouTube, plus it’s just as easy to upload your own video from your smartphone and share it on Twitter.  Just click on a video, look for the share tab below the video, and choose which social sites you want to share the video to such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Myspace, Pinterest, and Linkedin.


Twitvid will soon be rebranding as Telly, as the company expands its social sharing capabilities.  Though Twitvid has a new name, it is one of the top choices for sharing videos on Twitter, and that will not change with the transition.  To use Twitvid or Telly, all you need to do is signup with your Twitter or Facebook account, click the ↑ Upload button beside the +Collection button, choose a video or photo to upload, add a 112 character description or anything you want to say.


You have two options with this service; sign up using Twitter to post video or photos and share the media on Twitter, or you can upload videos or photos anonymously and share the URL.  You can also upload multiple photos at once, but videos are the specialty here.

If you don’t like the idea of signing up for another service, then you can just share the URL of the video from wherever you uploaded or saw the video.