Increase Your Project Productivity with AgileZen for iPad


How quickly and easily you coordinate projects and teams? How to manage daily tasks while reducing the use of email and endless meetings? Companies give a lot to tools for employees for projects work. But employee spends time on other tools like notepad, personal messaging. And in the end, too many emails, too many meetings, too much information that drown teams resulting in loss of time and poorly organized tasks.

A recent survey conducted by Serena Software has revealed that lack of communication with customers, operations and other development teams is the biggest threat to agile success.

Finally, along comes AgileZen–an easy project management tool, providing a logistical chain application of keeping track of your projects. Rally Software, specializing in the development of application lifecycle management, introduced AgileZen for iPad for real-time project collaboration solution.

AgileZen package based on web technologies and implements the overall panel design using Kanban. The new iPad app organizes your project visually, letting you see the big picture, while the project management tool keeps you focused on the tasks at hand. The project management tool provides visual indicators and a powerful messaging system with real-time user interface, easily-accessible by all group members where project updates. The tool also has additional tasks and other important information that can be viewed and updated as the objective reaches completion.

The user interface is based with integrated Kanban-based visual project management solution, which is used to maintain inventory levels within a company. The projects and tasks can be color-coded and synced with AgileZen’s beta on the web, so that project managers can share progress and schedule with others.

“The AgileZen app is tailor made for the iPad,” said Rally’s VP of Products, Todd Olson. “It’s incredibly convenient for collaborating with your team in real-time from anywhere in the world.”

In conjunction with real-time collaboration, the tool provides enhanced backlog, more integration with other tools including HipChat, Github and Bitbucket, Google Docs, Dropbox, Harvest and Freshbooks integration.

The AgileZen software for project management is available free in the iTunes App Store and is compatible with AgileZen 2.0 beta.