[Infographic] MuleSoft’s Top 10 Super Bowl APIs

Cloud integration startup MuleSoft is flaunting its new API repository with an infographic published just in time for the Super Bowl. The chart lists 10 services that developers can tap into in order to monetize consumer trends during and after the big game.

The first API is from Food2u, a hot meal delivery service that is gearing up for a big surge in orders from hungry football fans. Right below it is the HootSuite What the trend API, a RESTful service that offers access to RSS feeds and statistics about trending topics in specific geographic areas.

The third and fourth places on the list are claimed by Chedder, a cross-platform task management app, and the HyperOffice data access API. These are followed by SongKick, an online service for tracking concerts and bands across the world.

Coming in at number six is Telligent, a community management platform that offers developers an out of the box invitational system. Number seven is the SportsData NFL API, followed by the XboxLeaders Xbox LIVE API gamer data service. Microsoft made it to because it sponsors the Raven’s Ray Lewis.

Vimeo Simple is the ninth service on the list. The final spot went to the GenealogyCloud OneGreatFamily API, because this year the head coaches are brothers.

MuleSoft’s infographic is meant to direct developers’ attention towards the company’s newly introduced APIhub. The directory launched last month with a catalog of over 13,000 APIs and a vow to “create a new set of services that will form the first end-to-end platform for powering the New Enterprise.”

APIhub marked the startup’s first major product update since May, when it released the latest version of its flagship integration tool. The CloudHub SaaS Edition boosts developer productivity by converting manual coding tasks into drag and drop interfaces.