NEA VC Bolts Firm to Head Up NYC Startup Incubator Techstars

It was announced today that Eugene Chung (@eyc), a venture capitalist at NEA, flew the nest at NEA to head up NYC startup incubator TechStars NYC.

On Twitter Eugene describes himself as “Managing Director at TechStars NYC, film director, dreams about solipsism & the singularity”.  

He is Harvard guy HBS to be specific.  I don’t know the guy but he looks like he did some solid work in his short VC career so far.  NEA is a very high quality firm.  So much for super angels trying to be VCs.  It looks like VCs want to be super angels.

I have always been impressed with Techstars because of the low key and high quality vibe.  I just wrote about this on the SiliconValleyNetwork page in reference to the idea of quality and longer view venture development.

Good luck to startups in NYC.  Great to see the talent flowing into the early early stage.

Via: The Silicon Valley Network