Is There an iPhone Phablet in the Works?

Despite the reports of a rumored cheaper iPhone being shot down, yet another new rumor has emerged in the world of Apple products. An Apple phablet is rumored to be hitting the markets as early as this June. For those that aren’t familiar, a phablet is somewhere in between the size of a phone and a tablet. These oversized mobile devices are quickly becoming popular globally, and recently have gained massive popularity in the US too.

Reports from the China Times, translated by Brightwire, state that a new product named the iPhone Math, will be introduced to the world. This new device is said to have a 4.8-inch screen opposed to the current iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. Whether or not this product will actually come into existence is pure speculation at this point in time.

Size matters


Even though there are factual details behind the specifics of the Math, people are finding it rather hard to believe (for relatively obvious reasons). If the rumors are true it would mean that in just a few short months the phablet would become available to users. This also means that in those few months, many internal adjustments would have to be made. Recently developers had to go back and tweak their apps to fit the formatting of the new iPhone 5’s screen size and  resolution. If there is an increase in size yet again, then developers will once again need to adjust what already exists.

We also know that Apple takes every detail into careful consideration. Even the slight change between the iPhone 4 and 5’s screen size was analyzed and debated, so it’s hard to believe that Apple would be so open to making such a change. Another thing we know is that Apple wants to break into new markets, possibly by offering cheaper products. This iPhone Math wouldn’t be cheaper though, it would in all actuality be a more expensive product. According to Forbes, 4.8-inch phone would most likely be about $249 (opposed to the $199 4-inch screen).

What’s in a name?

Skeptics are also confused by whether or not we will ever see this new phone due to the unusual name. According to Apple Rumors, perhaps it’s simply a code name or an innocent mistranslation. The name “math” certainly does not go along with the sleek names of Apple products of the past and raises a flag of whether or not this rumor has any validity.

Rumors of Apple products come out so frequently so it is often hard to keep tabs on what is relevant and what is not. Due to the fact that we know for certain that Apple wants to break into new markets, it’s important to keep up with what there possible approaches may be. There are of course always multiple sides of opinions about if the rumors hold any truth, but as a potential future consumer, it is important to hold an opinion of your own. Do you think this iPhone Math will become a tangible product this summer? If so, is it something you’d want to get your hands on? We’ll be anxiously waiting to see if Apple hooks us up with any new gadgets in June.

This article was written by Chrissy Giglio and contributed by Fueled, an award winning iPhone app design agency based in New York City.