3 Revolutionary Products to Keep Apple Fanbois Alive

Apple is in a bit of a slump as sales of its iOS devices.  While still high, demand for iDevices seems to be dwindling down.  It’s not that people are no longer interested in gadgets like the iPhone and iPad, it’s just that others like Samsung are catching up, able to offer viable and often cheaper alternatives to Apple’s lineup.

So how could Apple get back in the game?  What could they offer to keep their loyal fanbois from going astray?  It’s high time for something revolutionary and mind-blowing from Apple, a company known to set standards with fresh design on regular products.  Here’s some fresh ideas for Apple to consider:

Apple iTV


Rumors of an Apple television set have been rampant for years now, so how about it? Consumers want more than the current Apple TV set top box, connecting their handhelds to existing TVs.  They want the real Apple Television, a connected device that features many of the same functions we’ve grown to know and love, like Siri, iOS apps, voice calls and text messages.  Of course, it’d be a touchscreen device that’s also controlled by your iPhone and iPad.   It can be called the Apple iTV – everything you need in a TV and more.



More people are getting serious about healthy living and fitness, and one of the most popular ways to get started is by buying a tracker to graph your progress, count calories and level up your activity.  iWrist would be something like Fitbit, but highly integrated into the existing Apple device lineup and ecosystem.  This could be a great way for Apple to further its presence in Consumer Services, even designing a portfolio of Smart Apps to manage this service.

Improved Siri


When Siri was introduced, most of its answers came from Google.  With iOS 6, only 30 percent of data comes from Google, and that number is still expected to go down especially with the release of iOS 6.1.  But Siri is just a voice, either male or female, depending on what country you are in, and it’s still confined to the iPhone and iPad.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Siri had a face, and other device integration?

We’d also like to see Siri better integrated into apps, including third-party services.  This way Siri could offer more functionality, grow smarter at a faster rate, and become a more effective assistant that works behind the scenes, anticipating our needs.  As Apple moves further into Consumer Services, Siri should be the company’s frontman, especially in light of Google Now and other AI developments.

Some of the ideas mentioned above seem farfetched, but with today’s technology, anything is possible.  The point is, Apple needs to improve.  Apple needs to get out its monotonous life and think of products that are fun, quirky and revolutionary.