Geeky Gifts For

Cupid’s arrows are flying everywhere with casualties piling up as Valentine’s Day draws near.  Don’t ask me why, but some people tend to go crazy when Hearts’ Day draws near, desperately seeking mates to celebrate.

Whatever your reason, I’m sure you want to show your love how special they are.  Here are a few geeky Valentine gift ideas that I’m sure you and your partner would enjoy.



Boys.  All they want is their toys, and bacon.  So here’s a few things to consider:

Give the force to your man with a Star Wars Lightsaber Pen.  I’m sure at one point your guy dreamed of becoming a Jedi, and you probably still catch him trying to use the “force” to get the remote from the coffee table.  Hopefully he won’t do too much damage with a lightsaber pen.

If your guy is lazer tag enthusiast, get him an AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag.  He can play the game solo, or if you’re up to it, join him in a game or two.

And because you never want your man to go hungry, give him a box of Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon, because who doesn’t love bacon?



Girls love to accessorize.  Appeal to her inner geek with a pixel heart necklace to signify she owns your 8-bit heart.

If your woman loves getting her nails done, give her a bottle or two of Magnetic Force nail polish.  What’s geeky about this?  The nail polish has iron filings and the cap of the bottle has a magnet.  When she applies the nail polish and place the magnet above it for 5-10 seconds, it creates a design on the nail polish.

Lip gloss is something every girl needs, and most won’t leave home without it.  So why not give her Geek Chic Lip Gloss?  It comes in a cute geeky package and is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.



Start your romantic night with some of your favorite liquor with these hand-painted, stemmed shot glasses.  They’ve been painted with the carnivorous Piranha Plant made popular by the Mario games.

After a few shots, it’s time to play some naughty games.  You can go for the Sexy Truth or Dare Pick-A-Stick, or try rolling the Get Lucky Dice.  Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll both have fun.

When you’ve had enough fun and ready to take things to the next level, coax your partner to move to the bedroom by leaving a trail of 24K S’mores Hearts behind.  Then end the night (or start the morning) with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee in a We Go Together Like…© Personalized Mug Set.

Now that’s love!