HP Unveils Two New Cloud Development Services

Just as Dell confirms its buyout amidst a necessary transition to the Services market, Hewlett-Packard announced two SaaS solutions that aim to streamline application development in the enterprise.

The first service, HP Agile Manager, is a full-blown platform for companies that apply agile development methodologies in their projects. The cloud-based solution features advanced task management capabilities, including bottleneck reporting, and other fancy features such as source code analytics. The data is conveyed to the manager in real-time via visualized dashboards that appeal to both geeks and business-oriented users alike.

Another important feature of Agile Manager is that it’s integrated with a lot of mainstream IDEs. This means that management can allow developers to code in their favorite environment without compromising on collaboration, a golden combo for productivity.

The second SaaS solution that HP unveiled today is Performance Anywhere, an APM service with built-in social capabilities and performance metrics. The company says that the service is cheaper and easier to setup than on-premise software.

“Enterprise agility results from the ability to quickly deploy simple-to-use, on-demand tools that provide visibility and collaboration across the application life cycle,” said Subbu Iyer, vice president, Product and Strategy, Software, HP. “Together, HP Agile Manager and HP Performance Anywhere provide intuitive, collaborative and analytical capabilities needed to enable development and operation teams to deliver business-driven results.”

The enterprise is adopting cloud services at an accelerating pace, but some are not willing to make the transition just yet due to security concerns. EMC, which competes with Hewlett-Packard in the data center, recently announced an on-premise release of its flagship file sharing service, Syncplicty in a move to offer enterprise customers a more secure Dropbox-like solution.

The non-hosted version runs on Isilon hardware to facilitate organization-wide sharing, the same kind of service you’d expect from a SaaS offering. The only difference is that an on-premise deployment of Synplicty gives IT considerably more control over what users are doing with their data.