EMC, Capgemini to Bring Joint Cloud Business Services to Brazil

EMC and Capgemini have announced a Hyper-Growth Initiative to introduce a set of Cloud business services developed mainly in the European market to Brazil, where they see a large pent-up demand for these services. Both companies have separate decades-long presences in the Brazilian market, and EMC has invested US $200M in a manufacturing plant and research facility in the country starting in 2008, so they know the market.

The joint services have grown out of a decades-long partnership between the companies that in recent years has blossomed into a major Cloud business service presence in Europe. This started with a focus on basic Storage-as-a-Service providing archiving, backup, and similar infrastructure services to clients. Over time the partners started building joint enterprise-grade business products on top of that base that they then productized into more than 20 specific IT enterprise-grade, higher-level solutions that they can integrate into customized packages to meet client needs. These include case management, testing, SAP workloads, enterprise content management, and transformational services. They can draw from this pre-built solutions library to build the right solution for individual client needs.

They see this as a perfect fit for the Brazilian market. Brazil is a high-growth, emerging regional economic leader that will be thrust into the world spotlight over the next few years by events such as the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

Brazilian companies are more open to using Cloud services than those in more mature markets such as the U.S. and European Union, particularly for new applications, in part because of limited capital resources and internal capabilities, and in part because many have aspirations to expand regionally or worldwide, aspirations which Capgemini and EMC want to encourage.

Capgemini and EMC spokespeople emphasized that they do not expect a “big bang” of immediate update. The Brazilian market is definitely on a journey. However, the available business services are immature, and as the economy grows they anticipate steady strong growth.