Big Data Pimpin’ : Pentaho Sticking Its Analytics in More BI Tools

Big Data is full of promise, but the optimism wanes when you start factoring in new infrastructure changes.  That can be costly, but as the ecosystem builds around Big Data for the enterprise, the infrastructure is being modified accordingly.  The latest is a team up from Pentaho and Xyratex to create a big data offering that will help organizations cut spending on unnecessary infrastructure.

The upcoming solutions line-up will be based on the Pentaho Analytics Platform, a big data framework that combines analytical capabilities with extensive support for BI solutions and widely-used business systems. The platform will run on CloudStor, Xyratex’s unified data storage architecture.

The latter technology offers a centralized management layer that allows for more efficient handling of storage, network and compute resources in large-scale environments. According to Xyratex, this software-driven approach makes scaling a lot easier.

The two firms’ integrated solutions are expected to be available sometime later this year.

“This tight integration of the analytics engine and the data storage into the same solution will remove performance bottlenecks, reduce deployment complexity, simplify management and ease the scaling of an organization’s big data infrastructure, enabling our customers to garner valuable insights into their business sooner,” said Ken Claffey, senior vice president of the ClusterStor business at Xyratex. “Today, in collaboration with our partners, we’re helping end users achieve best-in-class performance, reliability and scalability – including implementing the fastest data storage system in the world. We’re confident that the combined power of our ClusterStor data storage with Pentaho’s leading analytics will re-define what’s possible with Big Data.”

A few months ago, Pentaho announced a similar agreement with Cisco.  The networking equipment maker said it would produce a special appliance to run the Analytics Platform: the specification includes Cisco UCS 6200 series fabric interconnectors, 2200 series fabric extenders, and M3 rack mount servers.

More recently, the big data firm rolled out a set of free chart templates to make it easier for customers to visualize and analyze their business information.