Will Next Gen Xbox Win With Premium Media Combo? [Breaking Analysis]

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been morphing from a gaming console to an entertainment console, and Microsoft intends to capitalize on that in its future Xbox consoles. Although Microsoft has not confirmed that a next gen Xbox is in the works, details have still been leaked about a new console. SiliconANGLE Contributing Editor John Casaretto shared his knowledge regarding the source of the leaks, a person by the name of SuperDaE.

SuperDaE made headlines last year when he tried to sell a Durango development kit on eBay. Durango is allegedly the code name for the next gen Xbox project.  Casaretto concluded, “He’s got a lot of information, a lot of it seems really poignant, and he’s a very credible source.”

Casaretto named some of the new features of the new console, noting there are some interesting twists to them, such as the ability to run multiple games simultaneously, required game installations, and the compatiblity with a new, improved (and mandatory) Kinect sensor. He explained that some of the features that were previously optional are now unified into one grand Xbox.

Microsoft’s senior VP of interactive entertainment, Yusuf Mehdi, claimed that the Xbox 360 is transitioning from a gaming console to an entertainment before their eyes. Casaretto believes this is a natural evolution and expects to see more gaming, more video content, and even more shopping coming through the Xbox, turning it into a genuine family entertainment center. He predicted, “I think we’ll see this symbiosis of entertainment and gaming, and this will apply to Nintendo and Sony as well. They’ll certainly follow suit.”

There is also some speculation that Microsoft will expand its popular monthly subscription service, Xbox Live, to include original shows, just as Amazon and Netflix have done. Casaretto stated that their success in this area will depend on the type of content they put out. He said if they’re trying to make completely original shows, such as sitcoms, it could easily turn into a money pit very quickly in trying to keep up with other popular shows out there. However, if it’s in alignment with game releases and other events, he said it’s possible Microsoft could be right on the money with this expansion idea, but it will take some time to establish their presence in this space.

Likewise, in other new media TV developments, Intel Media has confirmed they are currently working to launch internet television this year. The Verge reported that Intel Media plans to provide “live television, catch-up television, on-demand [and] a set of applications.” Their hardware package will include a set-top box and a camera, which could be used for synchronized viewing with other viewers across the country.

Casaretto observed that Microsoft has been very quiet about their new branding strategy with Xbox. He reminded viewers that Sony is expected to say something about their new Playstation soon, and he believes Microsoft is waiting to key off of Sony’s announcement.  See the entire segment with Kristin Feledy and John Casaretto on the Morning NewsDesk Show.