VMware Takes Up the SLI Torch, Lights Up Skeptics

It’s a great feeling to be in the lead.  VMware is one company that had the foresight to develop virtualized systems for the enterprise early in the game, gaining a significant head start.  But the rivals are beginning to catch up and VMware has shifted its outlook for 2013 as a result of an equalizing market.  The resulting drop in stock was damning for VMware, but it’s not the complete picture.  Perhaps in an effort to regain investor support, VMware made a strategic acquisition with the Virsto buy to boost its efforts in software-led infrastructure.

There’s actually quite a few avenues for VMware to explore, all to the benefit of the preparation the EMC subsidiary has put into establishing its brand.  VMware is already well positioned with the enterprise, ready to take on the architectural changes currently affecting networking, security and end-users alike.  These options have been discussed in detail, specifically noting the perks of enhanced services for VMware’s management portfolio.

Below is a clip of Wikibon co-founder and CTO, who reviews VMware’s acquisition as it pertains to SLI.



For efficiency sake


Efficiency remains a priority for vendors, as EMC rolls out more advisory services with the promise of higher availability and lower costs.  Making Big Data an easier task, WANdisco unveiled a new Hadoop distribution for the enterprise.  These are all developments that appeal to a booming IT market that’s thirsty for talent.  Here you’ll find a roundup of the top job skills you’ll need for today’s transitioning data center and business intelligence market.

Other notable stories this week shine light on the consumer impact to the enterprise, affecting Big Data implementation for the public sector, and changing the way IT manages the BYOD trend.

There’s certainly a lot of change going on right now, as the line between personal and private, business and pleasure, is blurred.  To stay on top of this major shift to our economic structure, sign up for our newsletter here.