PS4 Controller Features Touchscreen and Move Strip


Sony is hosting an event on February 20, 2013 in New York as 6PM EST.

Aside from a tweet and a cryptic video, nothing much has been said about the event but PlayStation fans are hoping to see the next generation game console at the event.

It has been more than six years since the PlayStation 3 was launched and though Sony released different versions of the console, fans are looking for something new – something drastically different.

Could that drastic change be a touchscreen on the PS’ controllers?  Might be.  Images of a DualShock PS controller that features a small screen on top and a blue strip of light at the back surfaced the internet and sources claimed that the images are legit.  Though that’s not exactly what the new controllers might look like since sources are betting that it’s a prototype, there’s a huge chance that the actual PS4 controllers would have the features.

The touchscreen or touchpad may offer better controls for the player or function like a second screen to view game inventory or map.  The strip at the back seems to be made up of the same material as the PlayStation Move and possibly function in the same way with the PlayStation Eye.  Or it could just be a way for the PS4 to get a sense of how far the person is from the console and won’t work if the gamer is too close.

The sticks have been redesigned, instead of a convex design that makes it easy for sweaty fingers to slip, it now has a concave design with a ring for traction.  It can also be noted that there seems to be speaker grills present on the controller, below the screen, which could deliver a more engaging gaming experience.

But if you look closer at the photo, there are two unlabeled buttons on both sides of the screen, near the top corners.  Sidequesting pointed out that it could be a share button but since there are two buttons, it’s likely that those are the Start and Select buttons that previously occupied the center of the controller.

In the past, PlayStation events marked the introduction of new products.  In 1999, the PlayStation 2 was revealed; in 2005 the PS3; and in 2011, the PS Vita was revealed.

Sony hasn’t addressed the rumors regarding the PlayStation 4 being launched on the 20th, but stated that the future of the PlayStation will be discussed at the event.

According to rumors, the next generation PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, will be more powerful than the next generation Xbox, codenamed Durango.  The Orbis will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops, while the Durango will only have 1.23 teraflops.