Bungie’s Destiny All Set to Become a Masterpiece in the MMO World


Bungie Inc, the creator of renowned Halo video game series, has just unveiled its new game Destiny, which is all set to become a masterpiece in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming world. Earlier this week, Bungie Studios invited the press into its Seattle-area studio to get the first look at Destiny, but scant few details were given by the company. Instead of giving any thorough game preview, it showed off the concept art. Besides, keeping the surprise on, Bungie didn’t reveal the launch date too.

“It isn’t a game,” went the oft-heard tagline at a preview event on Wednesday. “It’s a world where the most important stories are told by the players, not written by the developers.”

What’s more interesting about Destiny is that it is not exactly an MMO, it is actually a “shared-world shooter”—multiplayer and online, but something less than massive. Talking about the plot of the game, it is set in Earth’s solar system and takes place after a mysterious cataclysm wipes out most of humanity. The remaining survivors create a “safe zone” underneath a mysterious alien sphere called “The Traveler.” Players start out as guardians of the city and are armed with some of the Traveler’s super cool weapons.

As much people can join the game, and players can create your own character, earn gear, and fight enemies. There are options available for solo activities as well as collaborative ones. With such scale and cool weapons, Destiny is poised to be a masterpiece. On top of that, Bungie has also planned to develop a certain storyline with Destiny over the next decade. The company will also publish 10 books having a complete story arc.

“Right now, it’s hard to tell exactly what Bungie intends to do with Destiny,” says SiliconANGLE contributing editor Kyt Dotson. “Press has been given a lot of beautiful pictures–mostly concept art–and some pre-rendered footage, but nothing from or indicative of the game itself. This is coming from a studio that has developed brilliant games in the past, so we don’t doubt it’ll be amazing. Also, it’s hard to tell what could possibly be meant by not-so-massive MMO, many modern day MMOFPS games are lobby based and the one well known actual-MMO FPS is Firefall (or will be once they get their groove on.)”

Bungie also revealed its plans to increase the output of game with the ability to co-locate designers, artists, and engineers at any time through exceptionally rapid on-the-spot iteration and improvement for each facet of the game. The company also said that that the game will not be subscription-based, and players will not have to pay a monthly fee for playing the game.