Samsung Galaxy SIV Coming March 14

In today’s mobile news roundup: Samsung to announce next Galaxy on March 14; Fujitsu unveils a smartphone for the “older generation”; and Ubuntu puts out a tablet teaser.

Samsung to announce next Galaxy on March 14

According to the latest reports, Samsung will be revealing a set of new Galaxy devices on March 14.  One of the said devices will be the Galaxy SIV.  No news yet as to what upgraded features the new Galaxy devices will have, but sources claim that the launch will take place in New York.

Samsung is also expected to reveal the final form of an 8-inch Galaxy Note tablet at next week’s Mobile World Congress.  Rumors and leaked photos of the said device have been spreading like wildfire, but sources claim that the leaked images do not represent what the Galaxy Note 8.0 really looks like.

Here with more analysis on Samsung’s rumored device and how it could impact HTC One is Senior Managing Editor, Kristen Nicole, who appeared on this morning’s NewsDesk show with Kristin Feledy.

Fujitsu unveils smartphone for the “older generation”

Fujitsu and European network Orange unveiled a new smartphone that caters to the older generation that has difficulty adjusting to the touchscreen era.

The Stylistic S01 ia an Android smartphone that features a 4-inch screen,  Qualcomm MSM8255 1.4GHz processor, 8.1MP rear camera, front camera, and is water and dust proof.  But the most remarkable feature of the Stylistic S01 is the screen that emulates a phone that has physical buttons.  To address concerns of accidental pressing, Fujitsu designed the screen to work like a physical button – you need to press a bit hard on the virtual buttons for the command to be recognized – much like pressing on an actual keypad.

The S01 has a personal alarm that elders can activate easily if they’ve fallen and need help getting up, or need help dealing with disrespectful and rowdy teenagers.  Also, it helps elders who are hard of hearing better understand the person on the other line by slowing down the speech of callers in real time without lowering the pitch of the voice or delaying the conversation.

The Fujitsu Stylistic S01 will be showcased at next week’s Mobile World Congress and will be available for retail in June.

Ubuntu tablet teaser

HTC is set to reveal the HTC One or M7, today, based on the timer on its site.  But HTC isn’t the only one planning on a big reveal today, as Ubuntu hints at a tablet on its own countdown timer found on its site.  Ubuntu is not really unveiling a physical tablet but a tablet version of Ubuntu mobile OS.

Canonical stated last month that it will be revealing a tablet version of Ubuntu.  “We have plans to launch a tablet version of Ubuntu,” a representative said, but gave no hints as to when that would actually happen.  It looks like today is the day we find out Canonical’s plan for conquering the tablet world.